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The Association of Digital Culture Taiwan(ADCT) is an registered non-profit organization formed by many noted Taiwan bloggers and Internet experts who are active in many digital communities. The core value of ADCT is public welfare and common prosperity. It actively promotes issues and research development related to the now popular Web 2.0. 


ADCT actively cooperates and bridges both local and foreign, public and private units through organizing various activities. It is dedicated to discover 21st century Internet trends for Taiwan’s digital communities. 


ADCT undertook “Tainan City Government Digital Creative Park Planning and Building Project” and provides co-working space “PunPlace” as the early trial run of the Digital Creative Park. ADCT hopes to combine public sector resources and civil power to jointly promote local digital, cultural, and creative industry. 


Learn more information about ADCT and related projects here. http://www.adct.org.tw/english