About Us
Floor Plan

TDCP is a 4-story single building that totally occupies approximately 230 square meters. Each floor is designed to have different functions. The diverse functions allow all kinds of discussions, creations, and inspiration to be taken place here, encouraging more creative activities.


Pun Place 1st Floor: Multifunctional Exhibition and Activity Space

Pun Place is located at an ideal location (21 Nanmen Rd., West Central Dist., Tainan), a 66-square-meter open space that is opposite to the National Museum of Taiwan Literature. The space design is simplistic and warm, suitable for various kinds of activities within 30 people and cultural and creative performances. We are open to rental for organizations and groups in the digital cultural and creative industry.

Suitable activities

ExhibitionSmall-scale artistic and commercial exhibitions and graduation exhibitions.

Media eventsSmall-scale symposiums, fashion shows, and news conferences.

MiscellaneousTheme parties, seminars, movie watching, and business conferences.



Pun Place 2nd Floor: Co-Working Space 


The 2nd floor is a simplistic and bright office space that could accommodate 4–5 work teams for discussions and work. The semi-open design is beneficial for people to communicate and stimulate creativity. We welcome rental offers from entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial teams, and micro-enterprises.


Pun Place 3rd Floor: Main Conference Room and Storage Room


On this floor are a main conference room (including projection equipment and Internet access) for 20 people and a storage room available for our partners and us.


Pun Place 4th Floor: Tablab Tainan

Here we offer compact instruments for creative activities, where creators of various art forms could freely exploit their creativity and go into production. Moreover, people can share their techniques and experiences in this friendly and open cooperative space.